Our logotype

The logo was created in 2001. It is meant to be experienced as modern, clean and Nordic. At the same time it has to fulfill all the practical demands. It symbolises both the contemporary and the future Fagerhult, a company with all the qualities needed to be a leading player on the European lighting scene.

The logotype must be treated with respect as a correct and consistent use not only creates a recognition but also confidence. It may never be altered or distorted.

Logotype colour

The logo works best in primary blue on a white background. Additionally, black can be used for light coloured backgrounds. For dark backgrounds, the logotype should always be white.

Optimal margin

This is the optimal margin. We want to use this as often as we can. It creates a high end sensation of quality.

Minimum margin

Life isn't perfect and we can't always get what we want. However this is the minimum amount of margin that we demand. Are there exceptions? Nope.

Fagerhult Group copyline

A version of the Fagerhult logo accompanied by a Group copyline is available to highlight the bigger picture, when there is a need for it. It serves the purpose of illustrating the full extent and togetherness of the family behind the brand. It should by no means replace the Brand Logo or stand on its own.

When regarding altering or distorting, colour and margins, the same level of respect and guidelines applies here as mentioned above.

This adaptation of the logo should be implemented when the message calls for it or when the production allows it. Brand building material in areas such as social media or simple ads offers no use. While larger productions that allows the two to co-exist, such as brochures provides a healthy balance of space. The two versions should never argue over the same space and therefor never be used on the same spread.

It is mandatory to use the copyline on the backcover, when and if your project contains one.
( see below )


Make sure to read our logo usage guidlines (at the top of this page).

Primary logotypes

Each download includes all approved formats and colour options.

Logotype with Group copyline

Each download includes all approved formats and colour options.