Getting started

The purpose of the Fagerhult Design Guidelines (FDG) is to help you keep your material in line with the Fagerhult Brand and to make it easier for you to focus on creativity. The FDG is maintained by a core team of Fagerhults marketing department in Fagerhult, Sweden.

If you have any questions regarding the FDG please contact

For Markets

FDG is the official implementation of the Fagerhult Brand. It will help you design quicker and keep all your local marketing material on brand. By not diluting the brand we will deliver a better customer experience.

For Agencies

Please note that the FDG is still in its cradle. It has not been implemented throughout the entire brand yet. There for it's probably a good idea not to look far back for inspiration on how to interpret the brand. The FDG will hold the most up to date material.

Project wiki

You can find more information regarding the Fagerhult Design Guidelines at Github.

View the project wiki on Github