Design principles

We designed the Fagerhult Design Guidelines to help you create better experiences for our customers. Here’s how using the Design System can help you:

Make the best thing the easiest thing.

By providing components and templates we can make it easier to be on brand than off. We try to keep or components library as relevant as possible so that it is easy to get things right.

Showcase benefits for agency and users.

We believe that showing is better than telling. We try to show how we use the FDG in our work to create the best customer experience. That way, hopefully, more will join the movement.

Design for flexibility.

No project is the same. Although we want to stay on brand we still need flexibility for our different, products, target audiences and markets. We've built a lot of flexibility into the FDG so that you can make your project yours while still keeping it on brand.

Reuse, reuse, reuse.

We strongly believe in putting your creativity to best use. We don't think that the best use of creativity is to create base components for each new project. Therefore we try to reuse as much as possible so we can spend our time being truly creative.