Just like a person, the way a brand looks and speaks leaves an impression. A brand’s voice and image reveal something to others about who they are, what they believe in, and how they approach things in life and work.Our tone of voice refers to how we express the personality of Fagerhult in words, whether in written or spoken form.

Our unique voice is characterised by the types of words we use and our communication style. For a business like ours, taking care to express our brand in a way that is true to our values and personality is hugely important.

We have defined a set of tonal values that ensure we have a consistent voice. These are here to offer guidance to you, and to anyone working at or representing Fagerhult.



Approachable, open and easy to talk to.


We value everyone and treat people equally, communicating with each other and our customers in a respectful, positive and inclusive way.



Knowledgeable experts, listening to and guiding our customers.


We aim to provide value, inspire and create an emotional connection when talking about our solutions, design or technologies. We communicate in a way that sparks imagination to consider the art of the possible.



Behaving in a human and trustworthy way that is true to our roots.


We are open and honest, putting the needs of our customers first. Our tonality reflects this. We provide the rationale and knowledge behind the development of our lighting solutions, adapting conversations to relate to different audiences. We are always using substantiated sources as the basis of our lighting knowledge.



We are clear and make things easy to understand.


We make it easy for our customers and partners to understand our products, technologies and solutions, and help them feel in control. Our tonality is clear, straightforward, uncomplicated and we always use established terminology.

It’s all about embodying the Fagerhult values

and making an impression that’s true to our brand.




Now that you have learned about our tonal values, visit our appearance section to learn how to combine our look and tone to form the overall Fagerhult identity.