Just like a person, the way a brand looks and speaks leaves an impression. A brand’s voice and image reveal something to others about who they are, what they believe in, and how they approach things in life and work.

Fagerhult’s appearance includes everything from the colours and kinds of pictures we use on our website, to the look and feel of our products in real life. For a business like ours, taking care to express our brand in a way that is true to our values and personality is hugely important.

We have defined a set of visual values that ensure we have a consistent appearance. These are here to offer guidance to you, and to anyone working at or representing Fagerhult.


Portraying and illustrating our products, solutions and people with confidence.


We are proud of our product design, quality and lighting knowledge and want to use imagery that always leaves a strong visual impression.


Recreating a sense of touch. Giving the impression of something tangible and organic.


We visually represent our solutions in a way that portrays a solid sense of quality in both materials and details. Light should always be present.


Portraying our lighting solutions in an enriched, yet informative, manner.


We highlight unique features and vividly capture the impact our lighting solutions have on the surroundings - and the way we live our lives.


Embodying a design aesthetic of simplicity, minimalism, and functionality.


Our products and visual experiences resonate with our Scandinavian DNA. Simplicity, clean lines, functionality and minimalism are key.

It’s all about embodying the Fagerhult values

and making an impression that’s true to our brand.




Now that you have learned about our visual values, visit our tonality section to learn how to combine our look and tone to form the overall Fagerhult identity.